Dear Randy,

I just wanted to convey our thanks for all of the help and professionalism during our trek for the piece of property we finally bought.  What a trek it was!  We had looked at so many properties via the web and when it came time to put that into actual boots on the ground you made all of that happen for us and we are thankful.  There is so much out there and with you being able to “bird dog” through the less than ideal, and keep showing us what we were hoping for was, an immense help to say the least.  Especially since this was a long distance purchase for us, you were able to keep the time optimized.  When we got down to the final actions of buying I couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction and was very glad that you were on our side to make this all happen.  Any and all of the problems that were encountered you were able to minimize and that too was a huge help. I knew when I made the call for help you were getting back to us.  I still think it is absolutely amazing that we did all of this through Fed Ex.  Without you making sure all of this happened it wouldn’t have.  Absolutely great to work with you and if anyone would like to discuss the process give me a call, we would do it again without question. 

Thanks again, and Stay in Touch

Jim and Petra


"Well a heart felt tks from my kids and All MY FRIENDS there coming out the woods to all at HPA and randy (rustyb50 ) we went to agreement yesterday and go to settlement in 2 weeks or so ill get pics of our new camp when we go down again probly next week if any of you guys are looking to get land or a camp contact rustyb50 he'll treat you like family and you might get a chance to be as happy as we are right now. for those of you that have property up for sale contact him also he has been there for me day and night answer calls at 10pm with his baby in his arms to put us at ease tks again"







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